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plain old regular Black Superstock CCM - Beautiful Sheridan PGP


1. Post, then PM.
2. I take Money Orders
3. Who ships first is decided by your feedback.
4. Prices are OBO.
5. I will not pm you "lowest price." Offer. Worst I can say is no.
6. Keep me happy, no Lowballs.
7. If your under 16, I need to talk to your parents.
8. I'll ship anywhere, as long as you pay for it.
9. I use USPS flat rate with tracking, so If you want anything else tell me, your paying.

Prices are shipped

First up is my Baby, 05 Superstock that I took the liberty of JaZzing up.
JaZz:WGP Delrin Bolt, Check-It On/Off, BM regulator, ANS 45 Slide frame, and a CCM Deluxe Pumpkit.


Next is a Trophy I just recently acquired, It's a Sheridan PGP. Pretty much stock, works perfectly, the guy I bought from gave me a Palmers Pursuit Shop Valve Pin, I haven't had time to install it yet.

Price: $85 OBO shipped
Trades: No pumps, I'm trying to get out.
I need a new tournament gun. So Axe's, Dm7, Ego7, Marqs offer up for a 2-4-1 I can add cash depending on your gun.
I LOVE Cockers, and I like Mags, so offerup
*Back/Snake Insert*
Ninja Black Superstock CCM - Beautiful Sheridan PGP

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