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Originally Posted by Leafy View Post
The thing that's kills me with both the hertzer and the kv is that they are soooooooooooo slow. And I hate the lack of gun angle the hertzer has. I mean if it had hurricane better guns than the marder it would be with it but all it has is a tad better 75mm and some stupid arty piece with no penetration.
What's the rush?
TDs don't belong on the front lines, and all heavies are slow but eventually get wherever they're going.

The gun angle on the Marder was very good (one of the biggest in the whole game really), so going to the Hetzer which has a rather average range of motion on the gun can be a bit of a letdown. With the Hetzer you do get a tank with fairly good armor for its tier; especially when compared to the lower tier tanks that are open-topped. The 10.5 arty gun IS the gun you want on the Hetzer. It fires HE and gold shells only (doesn't shoot AP) so the low penetration isn't that big of a problem. With the 10.5 the Hetzer can one-shoot many of the small tanks, and also do good damage to the bigger high-tier tanks it will face.
The Hetzer is definitely a defense oriented tank. It has the best cammo rating of all the tanks in the game, and can bounce a surprising amount of shells due to the angled armor. The 10.5 packs a punch, but is slow to load, so you want to not draw attention to yourself most of the time, and hit them where it hurts when you're ready to shoot.
With the top engine and tracks upgrades it does become reasonably fast. The radios aren't worth upgrading unless you plan to stay on the Hetzer for a long time. Spend the money and upgrade the crew to 75% if you can.
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