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I'm with you on the pudginess and have only recently started slimming up. What I got to work for me was a decreased caloric intake (try to keep it at 1600-1800 calories depending on how physically demanding your day is), lots of fruits and vegetables throughout the day and a daily multivitamin in the morning.

Workout wise, whenever I wake up I do 30 push ups, sit ups, and a 30 second supported hand stand to start off my day then have breakfast. My workout is split into 2 different days to keep muscle confusion going; weight days are M/W/F in which I run ~2 miles (never really measured it), do a body weight routine of two sets of 5 exercises 3 times each, then go rock climbing. "Rest" days are T/Th, which consist of only swimming 15 laps (10 laps w/fins [5 of those are freestyle, other 5 are backstroke], 5 remaining laps without fins freestyle).

Protein as needed throughout the day and after each workout. Stick to it and don't sweat it if you skip up on a workout a week or mess up your diet once. Good luck!
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