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Originally Posted by IrishRedneck86 View Post
member bought my working gun and claims it arrived not working and claiming problems that were never and issue with the gun. He made his claim in paypal nothing came of the dispute and the claim was closed. Now member continues to with harassment posting in every single thread of mine. As well as calling my home at all hours and threatining not only myself but my family.
Simply stated: You are a Liar.

Per our messages, the marker arrived with a leak.
I went through and with your permission, purchased an oring kit and replaced all of the orings on the marker.

It still leaked.

I asked if I should send it in to GOG for repair OR if I should send it back to you for a refund which is what I requested. You said send it into GOG for repairs and you would cover all of the repair costs including shipping.

I got it back from GOG after three-four weeks. It has an unrepairable valve leak.

At that time, I notified you of its status. You would not reply to my PM's.

As we both know, the paypal dispute was opened up as a precaution once I received it leaking. Due to the wait from GOG, I was not able to really do anything with the claim as it auto-closed.

If you consider posting in order to get a reply from you harassment, ok.
If you consider contacting your parents (you used THEIR PAYPAL ACCOUNT which is AGAINST PAYPAL'S TOS) in order to contact the owner of the account harassment, ok.
If you consider attempting to get my money back from an unmature individual who disgraces our armed forces with his fraudulent activity harassment, ok.

I NEVER threatened you or your family. I simply stated that you were not willing to be held accountable for your actions and that it constitutes mail and wire fraud because it was deceit by the usps mail and because it was done via electronic payment. I also stated that I would be taking you and your father to small claims court as he is the owner of the account and the owner of the residence in which you reside.

I called you at around 11PM local time. That was the first call. Why? BECAUSE YOU WERE ON MCB and it was OBVIOUS I would be able to get ahold of someone, which I did. I continued calling the next day because of your childish behavior and your hanging up, etc.

Then of course you come on here AND my PBN Feedback and attempt to leave negatives on both. For the feeble minded individual, must I say that the deal was done on MCB and NOT PBN?

Hell, You are local to me. I have all of your contact information. You used your father's account which now opens him up to a suit. I am a GOG Dealer and speak directly with the head tech and owners. I have screenshots of our conversations.

I am a stand up member of the paintballing B/S/T community.
I have ridiculous amounts of feedback.
I am well known for sourcing difficult parts and trying to get people the best price I possibly can.
Hell, do you not see the Mech Ion Mod project I've been working on with Jonathan? (in my sig)

You're so off base it's amazing.

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