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Buzzard Barrel Options

Hello everyone,

I've been mulling over my options for my Carter Buzzard for a bit now, and thought I would check in for some recommendations.

Pretty much tired of rollouts/etc. So, there are a few ways to go:

Standard options:
Bore original barrel for freak inserts (does someone do this?)
Buy a kit from Carter ($?) (could/would Carter convert current barrel?)
Fishing line modification
Wedgits in original barrel

I have a Sanchez Machine barrel kit, modified for Buzzard use, but the imperfect tolerances between the barrel and the pump frustrate me. I don't feel that sacrificing the pump stroke is worth it. I have considered lathing up my SM barrel, and turning it down a bit. Then I could sleeve the barrel, allowing a perfect fit. This would give me the excellent quality of the SM barrel/inserts, along with the pump stroke. But other inserts are harder to come by; and it may not be worth the time/slight risk involved.

I have a Kaner kit I've never tried on it, but I suppose that would give me the same issues. (out of town, cannot attempt)

So really, what's the best way to do it? Really it comes down to are having the sized inserts life changing enough to warrant it? And if so, what's the best option? Freak/carter etc. I see pros and cons on both sides.

Thank you all, apologies for the absurd length.
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