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It's still holding fine without issues. I would prefer longer cuffs like my Mom puts on my jerseys that she makes me,but the existing cuffs work fine

I was very happy with results. Even though one had a flaw when I spoke with CSG I had a choice, Keep the jersey and pay a discount for new one or send it back and get a free one.

So I paid the discount and kept a jersey for play and one to walk around in stagging area. My choice, Ivan was more then helpful when I noticed my flaws.

He contacted me right away and got the ball rolling to fix it. Even though I had an event coming up,I was not upset,because I had a team Jersey. It had a "Not noticable flaw" but unless you looked for it like I did,you would never know it was there.

I still had a back up jersey,but this is my Team Logo and I wanted it perfect. To be honest as my review said,

"CSG was the only place that gave me a great price and worked with my "out of date" JPEG".

Help at CSG is 1000%, I could not have asked for better help and quality

We are getting ready to order our official Team Black Rain "Breast Cancer" Jersey for my Wife's 60 mile walk and any other walk she goes on Yep mine will say "Pit Crew" on the back


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