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Originally Posted by DSA View Post
I actually invented this item in 1999,
I am shocked as to how exact this one is to mine right down to the shape, hose location, and cocept. If it is ramped and chambered inside I might grow suspicious that Jr got a hold of the plans I sent Sr.
What other shape would it be in? I don't see a sphere or pyramid being very comfortable strapped to your back.

Wouldn't the hose always come out of the bottom on one side? The balls will fall into some kind of sorter, then get shipped out the bottom. If the hose exits straight down it will get messed up when the guy sits down. If it exits straight out the back it will get snagged on everything.

"Ramped and chambered"? Like sending the last few balls to the sorter or relieving the weight of the stack off the sorter?

How far was your prototype able to push a tube of balls? Was it able to handle fragile paint?

I've seen this business model before.
1. Get idea for product
2. Pretend it exists while accepting pre-orders to fund development
4. Realize fatal flaw with product
5. Quietly sneak toward exit....
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