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Originally Posted by Hill160881 View Post


1. Stop selling your $20 paint for $60+. You greedy pieces of Same goes for stores!

Dis agree, and in Canada its worse, Up here fields pay for about 30$ per case and sell it for around 150.
Its not because we are trying to be greedy, its honestly becuase if you put a paintball field in Toronto you have to pay a metric tonn of cash to the city every month. Our field owner drives a 94 pick-up,

we re-use as much equipment and things as possible. IE garbage bags which are filled with cover alls get reused as actual garbage bags ect ect.
Paintball fields do not turn a big profit. nothing as much as almost any retail store could with that same space.

3. 3000 psi does not mean 2800 psi. 45000 psi does not mean 3000 psi because(insert BS reason)why the 4500 wont work. If I can do 4500 psi at home you should have no problem
once again this is kinda based on the compressor, and how fast its filled. If Our scuba tanks are filled to 4500 PSI then only the FIRST fill will actually be, 4500 PSI. the rest will be 4430, 4380, 4290, 4200 ect ect as more players fill.

Scuba tanks are usually only safely filled to around 4800 PSI max.

Also: How fast its filled, if the scuba has 3000 psi in it and you fast fill your tank, within a few minutes of cooling down your 3000 psi fill drops down to 2400 (due to colder temp = less air in your tank)

Hope this sheds some light on this situation.
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