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I hated the Hummel... used an assload of free XP to trick it out with the good gear and even a 100% crew and I could not do a thing with it. I could not seem to get the timing of the long reload down and I could never seem to hide it well enough to stay alive. Just drove around like a madman waiting for my damn cannon to reload.

What tore it for me was the lack of "accuracy" of the big gun in that Hummel. Though the numbers were as good or better than the Grille, but the dispersal was nuts. The final straw was accidentally nailing one of my own teammates who was about four tank lengths from my target. The circle was small, my tracks were locked and WHAMMO "You've just killed an ally!"

So I sold it and bought my Grille back. Doing duty as an elite tank cranking out XP for me to convert.

TA, what is the deal with the next patch? Is there to be a tank bonus/refund and, if so, which tanks are going to be effected.

I am about 10K away from my Tiger.... and a million silver.

Bought a KV on account of the rumor that THAT was covered, but now I do not see it on the list of changes.

Finally, I do not miss the 105 on my Wolvy as I kept my M4 with that gun. Still have not bought either the M36 or the "Easy 8" and I may not.


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I still don't get that.
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