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Well its 3 am and a lifelong friend who moved out to Oregon a couple years back was through for a visit. Closed the bar down. I have to work tomorrow. BUT im gonna get a couple rounds in before i drag my *** of to bed. Addicting game ? Nah ....

Drum you dont need premium to participate but you do need a tier 9 medium , tier 8 arty or tier 10 heavy. On occasion there will be a t2 light in a clan match for scouting.

We had 17 territories at one point and were down to 2. An alliance compromised of clans many of which we stomped previous have aligned to wipe us off the map. We were / are steady whooping on the Vietnamese and Chinese clans ... they hate us. Were international squad but theres alot of all asian teams , polish , aussies and of course Russians. Clan Wars is alot of fun. Plus the gold you make holding territories is great. They did a good job of setting up and executing this global conquest clan wars system.
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