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Update: I cleared up the HE bolt deal with the guy on PBNation. I just rebuilt the Vert Max-flo, the Blackheart and the HE bolt system are installed. Unfortunately, I got a blue NDZ HE Firing Can (with the O-Rings) but if anyone has a Silver or Black one for sale or trade, I will buy or trade straight up and include 2 of the required O-rings.

Also added some black Dye Stickies, got a black freak tip and tossed on my old Benchmark Cradle for the time being.

Future plans, aside from finding a silver or black NDZ can, include getting the eye to work, finding an SP Rail, and getting a Maxflo micro. Going to re-anno it gloss black after a good polishing, too. Current pic will be up tonight or tomorrow.

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