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AsaBerdahl's Shopping list

1.) 9.5 -- 7.5 Inch Autococker Bull barrel. (Any size in-between, and preferable .687 or larger bore)

2.) DRV Cylinders. Willing to pay good money (Also interested in the 5, and 8 size springfeeds)

3.) Tourney 2 Woodsball Kit (or something like it)

4.) ACI Turret Changer (Please, be willing to hold it for a bit, I know it will break the bank if I ever get one)

5.) Sidekick Semi (I buy most of these little guys, Pumps and Semi's)

6.) Sovereign (Mostly to collect, but would still like it to work)

I'm not increasing my collection right now. Downsizing for a move, and out of work...

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