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I used to be a gym rat, but I havent been there in a few years until about a month ago. My girlfriend and I got a membership together, even though we rarely go together cuz of work, but I work each muscle group to failure, and chase my workout with a steam room stretch, and a protein shake, or fruit smoothie, my muscles rarely hurt in the morning. I don't take any other supplements to gain muscle, just protein, I highly recommend it. I weighed in at 236 on my first day befroe the workout, and I weighed in at 219/ 220 today after my workout.

Glad to hear you are getting into it, I feel amazing for the most part now, and my 8-10 hour construction job doesn't fatigue me anymore... I can't wait to bring the energy to the pb field at the next big game that's coming up. Stay at it, and good luck man!!
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