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Well did the math on making these. If your really interested in seeing a few made and Want one and are willing to invest or pre order one (how ever you want to see it)
I would say i would need at least 2 people possibly 3. Pm me if your sure you would want. don''t contact me just to see how much. wasting my time is also wasting yours..

But anyways. I figured i could build these for around $300 to $400 each (not invested or preorder price) that would include the materiel and my time for a build. But would not include stock or frame as well as reg. Those would be extra since they won't be built by me. I may make a frame for them but un certain on how go with that at the moment

If you decide to contact me. For the quote of whats needed to make this happen. I will divide it by 2 or 3. Any more and would not be able to give you one for your time, money, and patients invested. So for your contribution you will be receiving one.

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