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BBD for Ducks, Boxguns and Redux

I was having a fit trying to find something that would fit over the end of my Duck let alone allow it to be holstered. Kind of by accident I stumbles across a solution.

When I had my TPX it had an Apex tip which came with an Alex barrel sock. Because of this I just sort of tossed the stock TPX BBD asside. Well, I came across the stock BBD the other day and just tried it on my Duck. It worked wonderfully. I slipped it into my BT holster and it worked great.

So, if anyone is looking for an easy solution, a TPX BBD makes a decent device that's allows the use of a holster.

The Device:

How it looks in a Duck:

And for in the holster:

Where to Buy:
Tippmann Barrel Plug with Strap [TPX]
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