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Multicam Mask Paint Job Raffle!

Multicam Mask Paint Job Raffle....

I have decided to raffle off a Multicam paint job for paintball masks. The proceeds (minus shipping costs) go directly to my Mother and Brother who lost everything they owned in a house fire last month.

The paint job uses high quality paints for plastics and resembles Crye’s Multicam camo. I make no guarantees on the durability of the paint job, but see no reason that with standard use it should not be fine.

The winner of the raffle must send their mask to me for painting, this is NOT for a mask, but for the paintjob ONLY. This paint job is for MULTICAM only!

The cost per ticket is $5. Players can buy as many tickets as they want. When making payment, the ticket numbers will be derived by the amount paid (example: paid $15 = 3 tickets).

Payment is made via PayPal to . When buying the tickets please put “MULTICAM MASK PAINT” as the heading or reason for payment.

Raffle timeframe is now until noon (est) September 30, 2007. At that time a winner will be drawn and notified!

Here are some pictures of my mask to use as a reference. But the actual pattern painted for the winner will be unique to them.

Thank you and good luck!
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