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Smokin' Stock Class Pants

Video review, if you like that:

And if you don't like the video:

-Well made and durable. Lifetime warranty, strong material (doubly so in the knees), well put together, double stitching on all seams.
-Lots of color options. Tiger stripe, marpat, multicam (real Crye stuff, not a knock-off), black and olive drab.
-Good adjustable waist, with nice thick velcro.
-Solid knee pads. They're about half an inch thick, semi-rigid foam. They slide into velcro pouches on the front of each knee, and are designed in such a way that they won't slip out on the field, even if the velcro opens while you're crawling or something. They offer great protection without significantly impeding mobility or comfort.
-Specific to the stock class pants, having loops built in means you're getting a pair of pants and a stock class pack in one package. You can carry up to 20 stock class tubes (5 on each thigh, 5 on each back pocket) without adding any bulk or impeding your mobility.

-This is probably unique to me, but they have kind of a "weird" fit. I can't put my finger on it, but they don't feel quite right. Again, probably a problem that's unique to me.
-The knee pads aren't optimal out of the box. I modded mine to be shorter and to be articulated across the middle. Having done that, they're darn near perfect.
-With the exception of the one cargo pocket, the pockets don't have any buttons, velcro, or zippers, so you can't really keep things in them on the field; whatever you put in there will probably fall out.
-You can't have tubes in the inner three loops on the back pockets if you want to sit down.

At $75 for the regular pants, $90 for the stock class pants, and an extra $10 for the knee pads, these aren't cheap, but in the world of paintball pants where the top of the line tournament pants now run upwards of $130, they're really not all that expensive either. They're not perfect, at least not for me, but they are still a solid pair of pants. At present (11/15/11), they have dethroned BT Professional Pants as my paintball pants of choice.
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