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Originally Posted by Meph View Post
That's the problem, right now that's up in the air. They're straying so far from the comics that pretty soon I think Carl will kill Rick and Dale will become the Governor and cut off Andrea's hand while Shane picks up a Katana and sleeps with Daryl. I mean it's not even close to the source material anymore. They just happen to share the same names as those in the comics.

And no, that whole "they had to change a few things for it to work for television" argument doesn't fly. People ridicule Television for a reason, because Networks make shows for bottom feeders and low fruit pickers and mouth breathers which makes all the rest of us suffer from lack of imagination or genuine ingenuity or intelligent dialogue/developments. That's why HBO has such amazing programing and wins every award they're up for, because they don't make their shows for the lowest common denominator. They make a damn great show, and if you can't keep up well **** you you're being left behind with the paste eaters where you belong. Go watch fat people make fart jokes on NBC, that'll be more your style if you can't keep up.

The comics are intelligent, clever, thought provoking, great character development. And they do what they want without insulting the reader in thinking they can't handle a story shake-up. They kill main characters, then bring in new main characters, and you get to learn about them and get behind them also, some of them die, but more people come along. They show you how people break down psychologically, how they cope with their decisions in this cruel world, how they adapt. Right now they're showing that with Shane decently... but everybody else is kinda acting like this isn't even the Zombie Apocalypse it's just some black plague that'll be gone next week they just gotta ride out the storm then they can go back to Xbox. All the while making absolutely horrible decisions that don't fit into what people in these situations would be doing. While having no consistency with the Zombie interaction/development.

I want to enjoy this show, I try to... but there are just so many glaring annoyances that it's really difficult some times. Writers just need to stop writing the characters like they're complete idiots.

I don't understand the logic at work with this writing. The same writers work on both the comics and the show. In the comics, nothing good ever happens. Alright, that's bad for TV, certainly for longevity's sake. It's got a certain integrity, however, because they make no pretenses that anything else will happen. It's a fatalistic view of a dying world.

"The Road" by Cormac McCarthy is another literary example of this kind of fatalistic writing really working out. It's an acquired taste, and certainly not for anyone or even most people.

The show could actually be more balanced than the comics, with a few good things happening amongst the bad to make casual viewers actually care what happens next. There's no suspense when everything always turns out badly. The problem is, there's no commitment to this or any other disposition. The show is spastic.

What promisingly started in the first season as an interesting reboot of the story by the only guys who really have a right to reboot it, complete with surprises and twists both good and bad, turned into this season's soap opera with zombie extras in every other episode.

What's that? Who's got a secret. In the barn? Gasp! Who hooked up with who this week? Oh no you di'int. Who the baby daddy?

Nothing about the situation, the environment, or even the other people is dangerous or threatening. Hell, the little girl's character was so poorly developed by this time that I don't think most viewers really cared whether they found her. At least the first series had good driving macguffins like the radio and guns, then Atlanta, then the CDC transmission.

It's seeming like after last season, they just decided to sell out and write what happens next based on the opinion of some focus group. Honestly, I think that's probably an agreement struck with AMC, and that's why they signed the third season so readily without looking at numbers for this one.

Periodically Kirkman comes up for air and does something in his own style, like Sophie getting offed. The inconsistency ends up being worse for viewership than the pessimism of the comic would be.

It's realistic for a balance of good and bad crap to happen. It's the apocalypse. Still, come on. You can't have Maury one minute and Night of the Living Dead the next.


Now as AMC goes, I don't think they're a lowest common denominator network. Hell on Wheels is a fantastic show. This one was last season too. There's still time to fix things.
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