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You want ATF fluid. get a shallow pan about 3" deep. Take the shock assembly off (remove the sight cover, then remove the 2 screws under it and slide it off the front. Don't need to tear the gun down to do this). Unscrew the brass screws all the way, and push the rear pistons out from the front with a small punch. Make note of which screw goes in which side, as they are not the same. Oil will leak out. Submerge the shock body in ATF, and let it sit for a while so there's no air in it. Helps if you shake it around a little bit to get all the bubbles out. While it's still submerged, push the plungers back in from the rear. This is the part that you have to futz with a bit and may need to do a couple times. If you push them in too far, you don't have enough space filled with fluid to give you the pressure resistance, if you don't push them in far enough, it's REALLY hard to get the shock assembly back on the pistons and it may not fire in Semi. I have the best luck with getting them just below flush. Once they are in, still submerged in fluid, screw the brass bits back in, holding the pistons in place from the back. Take the assembly out, and dry it off. Slide it back on the rail and screw it down. From there, you adjust, per the manual (link below). Get it to fire in semi first...then start adjusting the RoF screw for auto. It can be really touchy, and you will probably have to experiment a little bit with getting the right amount of fluid in the chambers. Mayvik helped me out a lot with mine.
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