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im still waiting for my order on the last pre-order.

Hope I won't wait 1years with nothing.

And Yes he is good at not returning e-mail.

Web Accept Payment Sent (ID # 40F03878GS022182S)
Invoice ID: 11158

- Doc's Machine - The Whiteboard -
QTY Unit
Price Total
TWB Book 3
(Preorder)-TWB Hit It Again
Fanboy Special
Review Item $19.95 $19.95
Hat 01
(Preorder)- Black Wolfskull Embroidered Hat
Review Item $17.95 $17.95
(Preorder)-Large Black WolfSkull Vinyl Stickers
Review Item $8.95 $8.95
April Fools 2006 Print
Review Item $5.95 $5.95
Total $52.80
Shipping Calculate my shipping $19.75 $72.55
Grand Total $72.55
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Originally Posted by destro7976 View Post
Yeah that's the plan. I want to play with it this summer and see if I can develop a relationship with her. Good luck with your sale man.

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