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Ooh, Smiley added more pics!

Originally Posted by PistolRogue View Post
Still a bit iffy about the grip, though I understand the motivations and constraints that come with the gun as far as that goes.
Iffy about the feel, the look or the stability? It is a modified m16 grip, so that will be a familiar feel. The look of the grip as far as angle goes is something I'm willing to concede, feel/function over form. Rifle angles I just can't get used to without a full stock. The stability will be fine too, the inside washer on the brass plate will actually be the thing holding the most weight. And that is set into the 'hole' in the back of the body. All the bolts just keep it in place.

As much as this is my homage to Josh Randall's gun, I'm willing to sacrifice a bit of looks so that it is a bit more useful and competitive on the field.
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