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Originally Posted by PistolRogue View Post
Well to the best of my knowledge you can't anno stainless, to be honest not even sure if you can powdercoat it. I polished one of mine and will probably be doing it to the other if I decide to hang on to it. Polishing all of the action/indexing parts also goes a long way in smoothing out the cocking action as well, though since it's hardened stainless it isn't easy to do.
Thats the reason why I haven't done it, not sure about anno, cuz I've never done any anodizing, but I do powder coat, so I know they can be powder coated, but with the hammer being an active part they will most likely chip and i don't feel like having to touch them up all the time, so I'm fine with the way they are. I would like to see how them being polished came out.
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