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I'm going to go against the grain here. I read Priest's Boneshaker (on advice from MCB) and just tried to read Grant's Feed and didn't like either. I like my zombies apocalyptic a la Romero genre. Meaning they have to be everywhere and multiplying, with no real safe havens.

The problems I had with both of the above series was that zombies are just background nuisances that are "managed". They are walled off is some city, with life going on as normal for everyone else outside. This means the threat of the zombies is largely self-inflicted on the protagonists. They can choose to not go into the zombified areas and encounter no ill effects or they can be "that guy" who goes into the dark basement with a candle when they hear a strange noise instead of calling in the authorities and pulling out the 12 gauge.

When the zombie apocalypse hits in December, there will be NO safe places!
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