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Desert T1,
I have no data to back this up but it seems to me that liquid passed through the HPR will hit the larger volume of the valve and go gas, raising the pressure after the cycle and before firing. Another possibility is that liquid's getting all the way out the bolt, it's impact on the ball would be more forceful and accelerate the ball faster.

That is how I would imagine it as well. It just seems that there is a fair amount of distance to travel to get to the reg and still be in a liquid state.

I don't have any way of confirming that, just casual observations. I never ran my TPX on 12g, only off of a remote. I was getting ranges of 240-260 with smaller paint (and that was acceptable due to the small field size so I didn't try to bump it) and then with larger paint I was in the 260-275 range so I didn't think much of messing with things.
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I really like the picture posts, because I don't understand most of the word posts.
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