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Living Legends V: The Dark Age (Storyline)

A great 2012 apocalypse has been predicted, not only by the Mayan Calendar, but also by the Inca, the Egyptians, the Hopi Indians, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, the I Ching, American shaman Terrance McKenna, and also the Web Bot project (which also predicted 9-11 and Katrina's destruction of New Orleans). Additionally there is a galactic alignment on 12-21-2012 that occurs only once every 25800 years, and the normal eleven-year cycle of the sun will peak again this year. This sets the stage for our story, which takes place in the not-so-distant future...

Enormous Coronal Mass Ejections (solar flares) caused by the planetary alignment on 12-21-2012 caused massive EMPs that fried most all modern electronics with any electricity running through them, from cell phones to power plants. The only electronic devices that survived were AC devices that were unplugged, a few older vehicles, and some newer vehicles and other things that had no batteries installed. However the capability to produce many more is gone.

The disturbance also disrupted our atmosphere, plunging much of the northern hemisphere into sub-freezing temperatures. As a result most of the human race rushed for the equator. (This sets our story near the Mayan ruins, integrating CPXs Mayan temple. Bedlam becomes Guatemala City, and all of the woods become Central American jungles.)

Survivors in the region slowly gathered into societal groups for survival and protection. One of the first large, organized societies modeled itself after the ancient Romans. With a lack of most modern technology and conveniences it seemed, to the leaders, to make perfect sense. History had proven that it was a successful system that brought civilization and organization to many people and a large area, albeit much of it by conquest and slavery. They simply called themselves “The New Empire.”

Just as in Europe’s “Dark Ages,” an antithesis emerged. Much like the Visigoths, the Huns, the Vandals, and the Gaul who rose up against the invading, oppressive Romans around 400 A.D., a new society opposed The New Empire, condemning their oppression and desire for conquest. While their pageantry and society may not be as impressive, their people are free and everyone has rights. Inspired by the barbarians who fought the Romans, they are simply referred to as “The Horde.”

So, as often is the case, there are really no clear "good guys" or "bad guys." Both sides feel that they are righteous and justified, and the best hope for their people.

Guatemala City, like many urban areas, is now inhabited by savage, new-age cannibals. Half insane and well-armed they make raids into neighboring areas to steal supplies and take prisoners (meals). In the city they often fight each other for food and supplies, but will also unite to protect their territories. However they are essentially like a pack of wolves…with guns.

And so we find mankind in a future that bears a strong resemblance to his past. Welcome to “Living Legends V: The Dark Age”
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