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Tenit, try mounting the Clock to a camera tripod like I did. Reduces the need for you to hold onto the grip. It's meant for portable chronoing for refs that are on the field.

DSA, sorry for the late reply (forgot to ensure I was subscribed to this thread. Too many forums to jump across. ) I absolutely love the Clock. It's perfect for outlaw ball, compact, easy to store, doesn't require so many batteries, ease of use and programming as well as much easier to hold onto compared to other portable chronographs.

richter, Tenit is pretty much right. It read about 2fps higher on average and no more than 3fps but it's right about the same with the big red.

shadow_77, with the amount of time and research Virtue put into this device, I felt the price tag I bought it at ($189.99) was about perfect. There is a lot that goes into this device that you'll never find on any other chronograph.

Sorry for the late reply fellas. Trucking career keeps me plenty busy, 13.5 hours per day on average, 5 days a week and usually sleeping in on weekends unless I'm asked to come out and ball. :P

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