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Works history questions

So I've had a works for awhile now, works are definaely my favorite cocker/sniper body style and I always keep aneye out for them in the bst.

Collection of Autocockers

So above is a link containing some great examples but also raises a few questions I've had about works cockers for awhile that I hope the good folks here who know the history behind them can answer as it will help me with restoring mine back to factory condition.

-I've noticed the difference in milling on works previously, one type tends to have bottom tube milling that has longer/straighter cuts and p-blocks. Others have smaller oval milling on the bottom tube, traditional flat back blocks, and seem more likely to have the works "w" engraved behind the barrel. Wich body style is earlier?

-every Merlin works I've seen has the p-blocks and the longer/straighter lower tube milling. However, mine isn't a Merlin but is that style, what's the deal?

-I've seen slider frames marked "works", hinge frames with the "w", and ccm hinge frames. which frames are associated with which body type?

-I also see two types of bolts and cocking rods. What I believe to be the older ones are ribbed on the back while what I believe to be the newer ones look like more contemporary ccm bolts and cocking rods. Are the newer looking ones stock or have they in many cases been added post-purchase?


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