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Originally Posted by Hobbes View Post
It should come with regulator already,
Good point, I don't plan on using it 'cause its pretty beat up and I've heard nothing good about them, but what operating pressure does it run stock? Anyone know, I haven't been able to find any info about the stock shutter reg.

Originally Posted by netsurferdude2 View Post
PMI pure energy one would be good. You can get them for $10-15 used.
That's along the lines of what I was thinking, so long as the output pressure is significant to operate the shutter. They top out around 500 or 600psi, correct? that should be sufficient.

Originally Posted by Jackson View Post
Expect to get the pressure around 500 psi with some simple mods. That's where mine runs at right now. I kind of live by the "Do it right or don't bother" motto, so naturally I went for a PPS Stab on mine. I took the venturi part out of my bolt, raised my FPS by about 20 fps. It just unscrewed with some force, I don't know what the bolt is like in yours. I also have a lightened valve spring to increase the amount of air released, but I have not yet modded the valve or valve stem.
In a perfect world, I'd throw on a stab, but since this a $10 gun outta somebody's garage it just isn't gonna have that much dumped into it. Looks like I have a bolt like yours, maybe I'll try to remove the venturi piece, that makes some sense.

Thanks for the responses, guys. Big help, really.

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