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Trails Of Doom
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My field is a private field for my friends and customers, you gotta know me to get in.

I've had guys drive in from Columbus for many of my events, and we usually have a few guys from Louisville KY that come as well.

In fact our last event one of the kids that attended brought a kid that was a foreign exchange student from PERU! It was his first time ever hearing of paintball, and he had a blast! I think I have some video of him playing that will end up on youtube.

Sorry, I can't open it up to the public... I don't charge for anything, and I offer free water/cookies as well as free borrow gear to newbies. I'm sure there are people like me in your area, the trick is to find them...

Here is a taste of the footage I captured on Saturday. I got snipered by a GIRL (my 14 year old daughter!).
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