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So I apologize for the rubbish pics, all three of my tripods are not at my house so I had to Jack the ISO since my apartment is on the north side of the building and its been snowing all day..

regardless though my pirate stock came in the other day and while its not technically "done" its pretty close. I just need the pump handle stained to match to stock and I have a delrin one out being cut as well.

the entire point was to make a modular kp that I could run depending on what mood I was in. Im down to three markers these days, and this is definitely my main. In true post-glenn fashion, there were some problems originally, I think when it was palmerized the feed tube was put back on incorrectly creating a lip that balls could not make it over. however, an afternoon spent at alpha434's house and his dremmeling skillz fixed that and now I can always expect a ball in the chamber

palmers detent, valve job, feed tube plug, and spring feed
feed leash mod
custom pump arm (I found the stock arm set the handle way too far forward for my short arms )
custom wood pump handle
faast changer
cooper-T bolt/K2 bolt
full Sheridan stock/pirate stock (done by my instructor's husband who is a wood worker, most beautiful pirate I've ever handled)

this is the primary config, pirate stock gives me a lot more maneuverability than the full in pump mode:

By wrongbloke at 2012-02-03

By wrongbloke at 2012-02-03

here is a view of the feed plug leash, just an HPA tank nipple cover leash attached to the nutsert screw. the screw doesn't go all the way in because of the fitting and the square of nylon webbing used to protect the wood, but its solid as hell.

By wrongbloke at 2012-02-03

full stock pump mode:

By wrongbloke at 2012-02-03

bolt action mode:

By wrongbloke at 2012-02-03

I went with a 3/4" ball for my bolt handle, im thinking a 1/2" would have been better, but its undeniable that the bolt handle is easy to grab with the 3/4":

By wrongbloke at 2012-02-03

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