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Originally Posted by Inferno View Post
Is 001 the size for the inside of an on/off asa?
edit: you should make a list of all sizes and common places they go
No, 001 is freaking tiny! LOL ( they are a 3/32in OD w/ 1/32in cross-section dia.)... I JUST replaced the one on my CCM ASA and I want to say it was an 004 or 005...

I'm going to take some pics of all the sizes tonight ang post up in the first post.

And YES, I couldn't agree more about the "list"! LOL... I've already started to compile, and I will add it to the bottom of the first post - figure it will be a work in progress, continually adding to it.

Thanks again for your business. I got to the post office 5min before they closed and shipped yours and Carlos's
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