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Actually, the guys with the high-end electroflingers weren't the major offenders, it was the milsim guys with the store-bought ACU gear (and one kid with a Ranger tab that was a) way too ****ing fat to ever be a Ranger, and b) too ****ing young to have earned it or have the right to wear it, and I personally caught him wiping and just about whooped him right there on the field) (not that I'm bitter) and the Tippmanns made up to look like real steel guns that were the wipers and problem children. We had no complaints about the refs, either - they were doing everything they could, but just too few of them to the number of players on the field. When they saw a problem, they did take care of it, but when there's 80 to 100 players on the field and just 4 refs, that's a lot of area with no official eyes to watch. Were we unhappy with Jaeger's and their staff? No, we are very happy that they're doing such good business (80 to 100 recballers, plus at least 3 separate private parties in 4 hours' time) as it's a good sign that paintball is growing in the KC area.

Bottom line - we're not blaming the field for the actions of a few rogue players and plan on going back in the next couple of months, with friends.
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