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@ballyhoo33 thats because photo bucket makes you put them in a gallery if you click on the photo it gets bigger FYI.
Well money isnt my biggest worrie, im sure if some one wanted one, i could work something out, I just thought thats what some of the photographers do..guess not, free paint always works though
I also bring my ipad out (smaller then my laptop, have a SD reader that can upload in 2mins depending on how many photos)that i can edit right on the spot and show the pics off.

and ya some are decent but most are far shots(boring i know), i tried to get right on the field on most shots, some are by the side line. my next time i go out i will be getting alot closer and will learn to love auto focus.

@mike deep, thank you for the help, will keep the MF off for paintball
and very true man, already had a ton guys msg me to come take pics at their next game.

Like I said all criticism wanted, would rather learn from what i am doing wrong then think Im doing it right!
have to start some where right?

also mike deep, just checked out your gallery, and well done sir!

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