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Originally Posted by BlueDragonX View Post
I don't go to PBN. Lack of strong support? Could be their lack of presence here... On the other hand, it's a difference in attitude. I'd never go to Jaegers at all if there were other places open in the winter and people I knew didn't go there.
I've wonder why there isn't a larger field owner presence on this forum also.

So far my rate of going to Jaegers since I got back into paintball has been once a year. The only day I can justify going is Thursdays, otherwise I'm playing outlaw ball because I can afford to play that and still get paintball gear that I want. I've been to one scenario, the RON event that was held in the late Summer/early Fall of '10. I'd like to make it to one scenario event each year but stuff always comes up, so I just try and stay hopeful. The biggest reason on why I try to attend a scenario or to Jaegers is in hopes of meeting up with fellow MCBers.
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