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My new beater, $10/mo insurance, 50mpg, '89 VW Jetta 1.6 N/A Diesel, 60hp of pure, raw, slowness...

I'll get pics of mine soon, it's white and a little beat up, but not bad at all. Other cars are a '92 BMW 318i 'vert and a '85 Mazda RX-7 that should be running again this year. I stole the stereo out of my BMW since I'm not driving it for now, got 2- 6x9's, 2- 6.5", and a 10" sub in the rear deck. The car is so damn slow it should at least be comfortable and sound good...I tried to top it out and got up to 90mph after a few minutes...might break 100 with a strong tailwind

Originally Posted by cirkle68 View Post
only ended up doing 5.3k$ in damage...
Only? I could buy 5 good running cars for that price I've always paid cash for cars, this VW is actually the most I've spent on one at $1500.

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