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I think a pump day/event, even if it is just hooking us up like a large private party with a dedicated ref, would get a bunch of us there.

Not sure of the layout, so not sure if it is possible, but if we could pitch tents on a Saturday night and play on Sunday I bet we could get a good sized group to come down. Or, is there a campground nearby? Just have to pick a weekend that doesn't conflict with other events.

I'll have to look into the overnight camping thing. Our lease requires staff to be on hand whenever players are, so we may need to find a ref willing to camp out overnight.

I've heard talk about a pump day. I don't know where we are with that. But a dedicated pump party would be no problem at all. I just think it would be more fun if we used the whole field for it.

We have another staff meeting in a few weeks. We'll bring it up then.
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