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Originally Posted by usagi_tetsu View Post
An MX-5 for a Fit? It is a bit of an upgrade in the fun and looks department, but a definite downgrade in the space department. Losing both the Fit and the MR2 to the same lady... I do not wish to impugn her honor, but she'd have to perform something amazing in the bedroom to get me to sell off a turbo MR2 and a Fit.

I'm driving an '08 Fit Sport myself, 5sp manual, works great in everything but the snow and ice (looking to get a Subie Outback or Audi A4 Avant to supplement and also as a spare vehicle), carves corners like cars twice its price tag, and still has a ton of interior room. Love that little car.
I should add we are trading my 07 fit for a 2012 Fit Automatic. Ya the turbo was hard to deal with but I did make money off the deal. I bought it for $8000, drove it for 2 years and sold it for $8500. I think including old changes, insurance, tag and taxes, I had made $100 from the deal. I didn't count for inflation but whatever you get the idea. What is crazy about the MR2 is that it didn't really handle better than my wife's MX-5 or my old Mazdaspeed protege. I guess what they say is right "Don't drive you childhood dream cars. You will be disappointed"

Originally Posted by Leafy View Post
What snow tires do you have? A car not being good in the snow is typically just because the answer to that question is "I dont"
I am not sure he has snow tires. He lives in Missouri. I know I don't
"Originally posted by Element Paintball@pbnation: you realize it would be easier to get a new wife than a new dc2."

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