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Originally Posted by VooDooAddict View Post
I've tried the mags on my back, and while I see it working for some, for me it's too much of a pain to replace the mags into pouches between games. Maybe the reality is that I need to try a different style of pouch for using on my back.

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dundadun, thanks a lot for your comments. While some of your ideas won't work for my large inflexible ***... I think that on the right person they would be improvements to my setup.
thank you for sharing!
Hmm I wonder if sideways or diagonal mags on the back would work for you. Like two on each side.
Or maybe two extended mags sideways going from hip to hip?

Also I use a fairly large dump pouch, 3mags can stack in there and not bang against my junk. Also it's long enough I think my legs push it out and away from my body. Could also be that I havn't run full steam cause of my back for a while so it might work better for me.

I'm doing to have to give chest rig a try one of these days. I hate vests, but maybe I could do something like you voodoo.
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