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PICS UP! Interest List for Redux Whoosh barrel

Here is a mockup done by 808raoul:

Here are pics of what you would be getting, I hope it's what everyone wants??:

I asked for the whoosh tips to have both a flat front and a flat back, rather than a flat front and tapered back. The space between the front of the slide and the back of the whoosh is going to be about 1", so there's enough room to get your index finger wrapped around the front of the slide still.

1. DSA - raw, returned for rethreading
2. Teimusan - raw, shipped
3. Omega Chief - raw, fixed, shipped
4. PB Weasel - raw, user fixed
5. dm6rocker - raw + 2 return springs, user fixed, shipped
6. tedaut - raw, shipped
7. tedaut - raw, shipped
8. llaw999 - raw + 2 return springs, 2 front sights, exchanging 20tpi back for 18tpi back, needs to be shipped the 18tpi back.
9. short304 - raw, fixed, shipping Thursday
10. ONE REMAINING with 20tpi threads, will be fixed to 18tpi (EDDAKA has expressed interest in this one)
11. ironchef

Price? Earon says $140 for a raw barrel(like mine), and $175 if you want it anno'd matte black. You choose, the price doesn't change for either option if more or less people choose 1 option or the other. The reason it's so expensive is that it's extremely difficult to machine the bore to be concentric for the freak inserts, because the wall is so thin. It's only .030" wide, which means that he can only take a little bit of aluminum off with each pass, taking too much would result in the barrel mushrooming out or getting ****ed up. That's probably why the Redux extended barrels cost so much, think of it this way, you are getting 2x the amount of aluminum that comes with a redux extended barrel lol for a similar price. Earon said it took him awhile and he had to scrap the first barrel as it didn't come out as he wanted. The ID of the non freak bored part of the barrel is .697".

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