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Originally Posted by Mad Marty View Post
Randy, whatever happened with your Rain Maker, get it working?
I think he sold it on here BUT im having similar issues with my lovely ebay purchase. Bonus worthy btw. Extra parts, laser sight and select fire board.

Stripped it all down tonight. Read up on all the MCB threads and such. Related the operation to something like an autococking, auto roller sear tripping phantom. Sleek lubed it all up. Put it back together. Adjusted the ram length so it now catches the hammer latch. Aired it up and these are my issues..

1) Leak from valve/body/reg area
The reg assembly moves with the slightest touch. Replace reg block oring with a wider one? Body halve seal is liberally caked w sleek lube and tightened down.

2) HPR pressure either not enough to cycle fully (reg srew all the way out) or too high it smacks the valve body back too deeper into the lower tube (reg screw slightly in). Im afraid to torque down the valve set screw in fear it will impact to poppet valve stem. What should the HPR pressure be? I only have a DYE 0-750 gauge to test with.

I think that's it. Thanks
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