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Bob Long MVP Review

So, I received a pm asking how I liked my MVP, my thoughts and overall opinion of the gun. I ended up typing him a very long response and have decided to go ahead and post a review of it. Later tonight I will have some more pictures to go along with it. ** Update ** There are now a couple Videos on page 2.

How it Arrived:

It arrived in a plain white box with foam inserts, the barrels individually packaged, different springs and a small spare parts kit (orings and i believe a spare detent spring) The stock barrel is a .685 single piece. I ordered mine with 2 stock barrels (opposite annos), and the 2 piece Bob Long barrel in .679 and .682.

Out of the Box:

Right out of the box, it is essentially ready to play with. I put air, barrel matched to the paint and a hopper on it and the first 3 shots were: 299, 298,301. It worked great; however, it was kind of farty. To remedy this I simply replaced the spring in it with the heavier of the 2 other springs it comes with. Over the chrono with the heavy spring it shot: 335, 335 and I then adjusted the velocity to one that was usable. Which is just through the frame and is very quick and easy. The overall fit and finish was very nice and was up to the standard I expect from Bob Long.

Soooooo much Technology:

There are quite a few things on this and other Bob Long guns that I feel is just smart/practical/player oriented. One of which being the cam drive asa which I love. It also has a tooless lever locking feedneck, 16 roller bearings, internal return springs, threaded back cap for easy spring replacement, regulator in the grip frame, velocity adjustment is a single allen in the back of the frame which is awesome, and last but not least the brass bolt because its brass (for the love of god he put brass in it).

Parts, Pieces, and Dis-assembly; It's not brain science:

* To view all Dis-assembly go here start at DSCF4846 and go backwards.


The frame is extremely comfortable. The pump handle* is a smidge on the small side for my taste but works well and is comfortable(the grip tape is a nice addition). The feedneck placement is forward but helps balance the gun well( it is a tad back heavy but not bad, shouldering the gun with the tank it is not noticeable). I also like that there is no vertical grip/front reg, I simply keep my hand on the pump handle (where it belongs). This has been debated back and forth and is simply individual preference.

* Word on the street is the will be offering a couple different pump handles down the road.

After a Couple Days of Play:

My thoughts after a couple days of play, keep in mind these are my opinion and my play style/preferences my be different than yours. It is very light, very comfortable and very smooth. It balances well. The efficiency seemed good (I don't have solid numbers) I think it will easily get a case on a 68/45 fill. It has good shot to shot consistency(referring to where the balls are hitting, not speed). Seems accarit like Bob said. The trigger has a very snappy and short pull. There is one thing I am not particularly fond of; when you pump the gun, the "sear" actually engages at about 3/4 of the stroke, so if you do not keep going back you will be able to shoot but there will not be a ball in the breech. So you can short stroke it pretty easily, which is only a real issue when auto-triggering but you get used to it. The auto trigger is very smooth and very fast. The way everything balances on the gun, you don't get a lot of wild movement auto-triggering, like you do with some other guns. I got many eliminations that day, I did not have any issues and it was a fun gun to play with. So overall I had a good experience.

Overall thoughts:

I am very happy with this gun overall and I highly recommend it to those that can afford it. It is what I would expect from a Bob Long gun and more. There are several features that are well thought out and it has an exceptional fit and finish. I ordered some custom elements on mine and they are above and beyond what I expected. For a brand new gun, with new design elements and from a manufacturer that does not typically make this type of gun I feel they went above and beyond. I also feel their price point is not outrageous for what you get. The fact it is Made in the USA is another plus for me. The other thing is that it is soooo pretty, I mean just look at it .

All in All, I give the Bob Long MVP a Perfectly A+.

I hope this was informative.


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