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Originally Posted by mikeds80 View Post
The rules say no DF but what about pvc stock feeds? I'm trying to get a camping party going but none of my friends have SC guns so I need to know how many loaners I have. I wanted to loan out my PMI 1 DF with a homemade stick feed but only if it's kosher.
In order to let as many folks play as possible we have allowed players to use direct feed guns with HORIZONTAL feed tubes that are attached with a 90 elbow in past games, and haven't had any problems.

The important factor here is that the distance between the elbow and the breech should be as SMALL as possible. Meaning that the elbow should curve 90 right off the feed neck, and limit the amount of pellets being stacked above the breech.

Here is an example of an acceptable set up on a Sniper, and some examples of horizontal feed tubes for DF guns...



Here is an example of a direct feed gun with a stick feed that isn't horizontally fed, and would NOT be allowed...


PMI 1s are considered stock class and are fine to use as-is - like this...


An example of a PMI 1 with a 45 stick feed adapter that would NOT be allowed...


Auto-triggers and spring-fed guns are also OK. Basically this is all considered "modified" stock-class equipment. As long as the gun is horizontally fed, pump action and powered by 12-grams you are good to go.

With the warmer temps now in March it should be nice and warm for camping out in May!
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