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^^^I'm with murphy. I have a dremel and a drill press (but no bits...yet, derp) and I am no afraid to use either of them. But all the same I'd like to do my homework before going to town on my phantom. While I understand the instructions it is always nice to see how it is done. Even if its not a walk through, just some good close ups of the finished product would really help.

Also, I'm a little unclear exactly what we are modding, the sear--in the trigger assembly, or the bolt latch--on the hammer??? Pics would help here. =) I have three extra hammers to mess with, so hopefully the bolt latch is what needs to be modified.

Edit: Defect, we may have to start a new thread in the CCI section (or custom forum) asking our question, as it would seem most people glaze right over the stickies.
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