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Originally Posted by PistolRogue View Post
So just curious but what is the ideal finish for cerakote to bond to?

I ask because I have a DRV that is annodized gloss black at the moment, and since I need to do some machining to it yet, was wondering if I may as well just strip the anno before I do so?
The ideal finish is no finish, we remove any existing finishes prior to coating. I suggest just leaving it as is during machining. We will handle all of the necessary prep on our end.

Also, to update everyone who currently has a order with us. We will have ALL orders completed by the end of next week. After which we are going to close the shop for 3-4 days so we can do some remodeling / expanding to the front of the store, storage room, and paint booth. I will be sending out emails later this evening to everyone with a more personalized completion date as well. If you have any questions or concerns please send me a email or PM if at all possible. It is a mad house in the shop right now trying to get everyone orders out in time for shut down and it is hard to man the phones all day.

Also for all of you who have been asking about our new phantoms we are working on. I should have some eye candy and a spec sheet for you around the first of may! The phantoms have been on the back burner due to the coating rush we had this tax season. But I will be getting back to work on them once we get caught back up and finish the work on the shop.
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