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Weekly update 4/9

Im gonna try to do weekly updates.

That way everyone has a place to look to see whats up.

Long story short, i got more barrels than ever on fri/sat (15) and then 5 more brought to the shop today (not counting the mail tonight)

That puts the freak bore que at 26 barrels.
That is normally 2 weeks worth of barrels.

Billy's halfblock - done except feedneck
Tedauts barrels - done except 2 rethreads (acme insert) i messed up the one i tried to remake, gonna try again soon
kscuipider - scrapped the vert air block while threading it for the 3way, have a faster way to redo it
dundadun - half way done
vagabond - havnt started
barrels - 26 barrels to do
lancest - started the R7 velocity tools, should be done tonight (mill time pending)
cocker valve tools - material cut, program is half written (its the R7 program + drill!)

ssc projects
-personal gas through phantom, in a million pieces
-supergame top secret project 60% complete, 21 days to go
-cocker threaded ion framed pumped mag, torn down, ready to be beadblasted and powdercoated
-ssc gun rack, need to finish milling
-ssc showoff gun stand, need to weld/clean/paint

only getting 1 hour tonight
only getting 1-2 hours tomorrow
might get some time wednesday
thursday i will be at the shop VERY late
friday i will be at the shop until 3pm (then doin a paint run for 2 practices this weekend)

tomorrow/wednesday i am helping my boss, at his new place, 3 hours from the shop, so i will only get a little time at the shop before i head out with him

i will do the best i can to communicate, i have 20 unread pm's in my inbox right now.

i had 35 this morning.
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