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Airsoft - First time playing

So, friends of mine have seemed to be switching over to Airsoft players.
On several occasions they have tried to get me out to play, and being the paintball player I am have always refused.

Well, I bit the bullet and headed out with them yesterday to a private group/field.
I was lent an ICS something or other (Sorry, haven't to foggiest when it comes to airsoft gear) to play with. Well, I was always under the assumption that airsoft was more accurate... I was surprised when first shooting the gun that I couldn't hit ANYTHING! Paintballs to me seem so much more accurate!

Tactics wise the game play seemed the same, except the guys in this group seemed to think they were real life soldiers (nothing wrong with that, just not what I am used to).

In the end I had fun playing airsoft but not enough to give up paintball.

Only negative (and its a big one) was the amount of cheating that was going on. At first I thought it was just because the team I was on had a bunch of new players where the other team was a group that often played/practiced together. That quickly changed when I smoked a guy several times in the chest and face, got shot out myself, called myself out and to my surprise the other guy kept on playing! I went back to my "res" point, waited my 45 seconds (at this point their team was sweeping past us - PERFECT) and went back into the game. I was able to sneak behind 3 of their players, and clearly shot them all out and again got shot out myself. As I am leaving, yet again the guys continue on their push.
I was furious! Here I am the new guy that they have been trying to convince all day to make the switch from Paintball to Airsoft and they cheat not once but twice within a matter of minutes right in front of my eyes?! I even let the organizer know and he just said "well, yeah it happens sometimes".
After this last game I decided I was done being cheated and started packing up. The organizer asked me if I had fun to which I replied "Yes, airsoft is fun, however there appears to be quite a bit more cheating then I am used to". He had the gull to ask me if I was going to come out again to play... simple answer "Not with this group, sorry."
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