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I play a bit of airsoft. The game lives or dies with the honor of the players. In my area there is a large, well communicating and very honorable population of core players that make up 80% of a typical event's attendance. "Hacking" (the airsoft term for cheating here) is typically only the younger new kids obsessed with Call Of Duty. Once a player gets a bad rep their airsoft days at organized events here are numbered.

Another thing about airsoft is that is can be very hard to tell if you're hit. A BB floating in at long range is barely discernable on bare skin... throw in the mounds of tactical gear players tend to wear and it can be next to impossible to tell. I have found that I usually hear a hit or actually see a BB bounce off than actually feel it.

It can also be hard to tell if you are actually hitting. At range you can lose track of them and many don't know the limitations of their replica. I have stood in the open as newbie kids unload mag after mag at me from their $150, 280 fps AEGs and yell that I'm hacking; a ref is watching all their BBs hit the ground 10 feet in front of me.

I like paintball and airsoft; each fulfills a niche that the other doesn't. I'm just blessed that I have an honorable community to play with.
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