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Originally Posted by R_Os View Post
I've been eyeing up some komodos as new summer footwear. How well do the uppers in that model breathe? I want to have my feet covered but not feel like I'm wearing shoes.

As for sliding, maybe get some elbow pads or even a padded style shirt. The padding lets you use your forearms and upper body to slide, allowing you to get flatter and hustle along faster. Might make the shoe durability a non issue.

Breathability is good, I wore them the other day when I knew my regular shoes would get soaked anyways, dried out really quick indoors (while wearing). Only issue VFFs are well known for is their odour (especially if barefoot, rather than wearing Injinji socks). I looked up some fixes, and I went with rubbing my feet with tea-tree oil ("natural disinfectant"?) before wearing for the day, adding foot powder to shoes helps reduce sweat but makes no difference to odour. I'm not normally a "natural remedy" guy but oil seems to work well (used to be rancid after a 45 minute go on the treadmill, now I wear for 10 hours straight at University no problems). I also wash them in the washer once per week, air dry overnight.

As for sliding on knees, it's because I prefer to slide into cover while remaining in a shooting position (stock class pump). Don't bother with elbow pads.

And I agree, I am still working into them for running because my physical activity has been greatly limited due to budgetary concerns...but now I'm free of school for a couple years at least and have money again!

(If you buy them don't just run 10 miles on your first go, most people lack the foot muscles required...unless you do dance, martial arts, etc.)

In all fairness though... my trail shoes have mesh uppers and they have held up wonderfully to my sliding.

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