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I dunno, everyone hates on Halo2 but to me that was the best game of the series... But then again, I really like the story aspect of games, I guess that's why I like Deus Ex and the old Wing Commander games so much.
Halo 2's story itself was really interesting, cool, and one of the stronger stories in the series. Where I think it fell flat was how the story translated to gameplay. You spend half the game as the Arbiter fighting either weird pseudo-Covenant enemies (which isn't the worst thing in the world) or the Flood. Whereas Halo 1 had only one crappy Flood level (Library, how I loathe thee), Halo 2 had a bunch of crappy Flood levels. I don't know the Halo 2 campaign as well Halo 1's, but when I played through it, it felt like a third of the game was spent fighting just the Flood and the Sentinels. It felt like playing the Library over and over again for a third of the game.
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