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Need a picture of a luke's custom cf conversion

Does anybody have a picture from the back showing luke's rf/lf conversion to the slightly offset center feed? I would like to see what the sight picture is like. I'm tossing the idea around of maybe just maybe getting one or getting a ule body. I just really like the look and feel of the two twistlock barrels(armson, sp all american) I have so don't really want to go to the pricier ule body. I know I should just forget it but having picked up a pf left mag the sight picture of sighting down a unobstructed round body to a round barrel is just really nice. don't tell my micromag, but I might just like the classic a little bit better.

The mag virus has got me bad. I want em all. Put me in a padded cell, because I can't make up my mind and I'm going crazy. ahahahaaaaaaaa.....
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